Just because I enjoy speaking at conferences and business events doesn’t mean that I don’t also enjoy attending and listening at conferences and business events – in fact, the route in which I first learned that I enjoyed being a keynote speaker was by being in the audience.

And my love of conferences, speaking engagements, and business events hasn’t dimmed with my company’s success, if anything, it’s grown! Since business speakers and conferences have made such a large impact on both my life and my career, I thought it would be a great subject for an article, and thus, 5 Business Speakers You Should Be Listening To was born.

Let’s dive in, learn about some of the most innovative and captivating keynote speakers of our time, and maybe even find a conference nearby to attend!


1. Robyn Benincasa


Robyn is a premier motivational speaker on both leadership and teamwork. She is also a bestselling author within the same subjects, which means she really knows her stuff when it comes to creating and keeping a highly functional team that will work and grow together.

Her book on teamwork is successful for good reason, as she focuses on ‘winning as a team’ in many of her keynote speeches. Want to see Robyn and help develop your own team? She often goes to over 100 conferences and speaking engagements a year, and is often on the move, look up her schedule here or listen to her best speeches from her website.


2. Jeff Degraff


Though Jeff is known as the “Dean of Innovation” because of his work with Domino’s Pizza in the late 1980’s, he is also a successful author, investor, advisor and business professor, which means he has a huge expanse of experience to pull from when he makes a speech or accepts a speaking engagement.

And, as his nickname suggests, he is all about creativity and innovation to solve problems – sound like your kind of speaker? Learn more about him here.


3. Kevin O’Leary


I admit it, I like Shark Tank, which is one of the many reasons I enjoy seeing Kevin O’Leary (or, Mr. Wonderful) speak. Besides his on-screen foray into investments, he is also a top business speaker, successful off-screen investor, and author.

Kevin often focuses on environmentally friendly ventures, which is something I greatly admire, and speaks on success, software, and environmentally conscious business opportunities. Don’t have time to see him in person? Check out his Twitter for short tidbits of easily digestible advice and wisdom.


4. Robert Sutton


Robert Sutton is a business change speaker as well as professor and bestselling author – which means whether its in text or with words, he is great at getting his point across in a memorable and understandable, not to mention relatable way.

Often, he focuses on business change, leadership, and dynamics as well as personality traits. Additionally, he climbed in popularity after writing books about how to survive workplace jerks, and the book was not only helpful, but funny. Robert has also published close to 200 articles and chapters in peer-reviewed journals, including the Harvard Business Review. How’s that for credentials?


5. Molly Bloom


If you are looking for a mix of both business and inspirational speaker, then Molly Bloom is a great option. The author of Molly’s Game, she writes about her journey from college and low-level jobs to her climb owning one of the largest and most prestigious poker games in the world.

As for her speaking career, she has appeared on shows and media outlets like EllenVice, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Vulture, and was asked to speak at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women. She also delivered the 2018 commencement speech at Colorado State University to their recent graduates.

Learn more about Molly here.


Bonus – 6. James Leff


Want a keynote business speaker without the required private jet and limo service? I greatly enjoy helping businesses grow, not just my own, and love sharing my experiences, advice, and knowledge with others.

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