Of course, the biggest digital service that you should be utilizing to the best of your ability is your website and that website’s design – but there is so much more to digital marketing and advertising than just websites or UI/UX. In fact, here are 5 digital services that your business should be utilizing today (or really, yesterday).


Use Your Social Media for Profit


Your Social Media, as a business owner, should be more than just an occasionally-updated, make-it-and-forget-it platform. In fact, many industries find their Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn as the perfect hunting ground for new customers, or how to best retarget past and current customers.

Social Media might just be ‘for fun’ when it’s your personal page, but businesses are public, and that means all of these social platforms are essentially free advertising space – use that. And when used well, Social Media Marketing can help your SEO, branding, even trustworthiness – all of which are what current customers are looking for in a company.


Stay up to date, stay up with the times, and use your Social Media to grow!


Content Marketing Makes SEO Happy


Content marketing (blogs, updates, content edits, etc) makes your optimization happy because 1) it shows the search engines that your site is not stale and is still in use, and 2) shows your clients and customers that it is kept up-to-date and can be trusted.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant because they advertise a certain special on their website or online menu, just to arrive and find out that offering was from 2 months ago and is no longer valid? How do you feel about that business’ daily runnings? Do you trust them? Probably not as much as you did to start.

Take that lesson and run with it, because updated content, blogs, edits, specials, and events help you climb the rankings from both your consumers, and the search engines.


Video is the New Picture


Video really is the future, as trends towards creating and digesting video content continue to rise – so should your understanding and output in this new avenue! Sure, YouTube and other video sharing platforms have always existed, but the public consumption of this content is greater now than ever before!

Animated shorts to explain a complex process, business model or service, introduction videos for your company or team, promo videos or how-tos for a specific product or review – all of these have shown great ROI or return on investment. This means that video is one of the most important digital services you should be utilizing this year, and into the future.


Don’t underestimate the power of video, as it’s smashing all trend expectations of recent years.


Email Marketing Has the Highest ROI


Email marketing has the highest return on investment out there – as sending emails is cheap, if not free – so why aren’t you utilizing this great option? Email marketing doesn’t just have to be blasting out your sales or specials – it can give updates, a welcome sequence, follow-ups, event information, industry or company newsletters, new blogs, e-blasts and more!

That’s part of the beauty of email marketing (besides the lack of leg-work and the low price), it is so diverse and can lend itself to almost any industry, product, service, or team.

Keep your customers in the loop with top-notch email marketing all year round.


PPC IS the New Commercial


Did you know that pay-per-click, or Google ads/Facebook ads/etc. are the new commercials? Think on it, if the internet is the new ‘TV’ then the ads (especially the targeted ads from specific demographics or search keywords) are the new commercial.

But unlike commercials which could only target the demographics they assumed were watching that particular channel, PPC ads can use sophisticated data and tools to only show your ad to users who are most likely to be interested – this has caused a great leap in both innovation and effectiveness.


Unfortunately, PPC isn’t for everyone or every industry, but it might be a huge help for you – learn more about Ads VS organic leads through SEO here


Digital Services Aren’t Just for the Fortune 500 Companies. Learn More from Myself or JSL Marketing!


Contact me to learn more about my digital services and plans, or schedule a business consultation and let’s work together to get your business ready for video, PPC, social media, and more! All of these tools are out there – give your business the best shot by utilizing them!